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About IPS


Today we are proud of our SUCCESS which was our mission when IPS was initially founded. We believe that  what we actually accomplish is more important than what we pledge to accomplish.

At IPS, our children become BILINGUAL or MULTILINGUAL at a young age through play & fun. In addition to this, our specially developed IPS program and our attitude towards our kids helps us to raise children who;

are above all HAPPY,

are self-confident, but at the same time respectful and compassionate,

are knowledgeable of other cultures without losing the values of their own culture,

can use resources and also be productive,

are inquisitive and analytic,

are social,

and love nature.




The ideal age for learning a second language or becoming bilingual is from birth to 6 years old. We utilize these important years and raise our children either bilingual or multilingual with our carefully prepared program, a suitable environment, opportunities and a competent team of staff. You can watch video samples of some of the communication skills of  our children who have learned English or German at IPS by clicking on “IPS IN VIDEOS”.



Before we decided on our program, we examined the early childhood methods applied around the world such as Montessori, Reggio Emilia and Waldorf. At IPS we believe that no one method is perfect and that each method has its strong and weak areas.

That is why we were pioneers in developing the “Combined Method” in which we apply the strong points of these methods in the special IPS Program. We continuously research and follow the developments in Early Child Education around the world and update our program when neccessary.



We are aware that the children are at an important age of development. Therefore we only use the products of reliable brands in our kitchen. We provide a balanced diet of vegetables, fruits, milk and meat products.

By using in-season fruits and vegetables, eggs from the farm, and not serving chicken products or packaged products (except the occasional use of petite beurre cookies) we believe that the children are being more healthily nourished.

We also consume the fruits of our garden trees and the vegetables farmed by our kids. We have a special I.P.S. drink that is made by boiling the leaves from the linden tree in our garden. We keep samples of all meals for 3 days for testing purposes.



Our main difference is the way IPS CHILDREN are raised by our team of staff under the leadership and attentive approach of our school's idealistic founder.



1. Please make an appointment for new enrollments.

2. Our interviews for new registrations begins in April. Registration begins in June and continues until the groups are full.

Note: Once parents have decided on registering at IPS we want them to bring their child in for a period not longer than one hour to spend time with us. This enables us to evaluate the child (over 24-26 months) and see their general compatability within the age group and the child's readiness.

3. International Play School is open 12 months a year except the holidays and snow days on the academic calendar published at the beginning of the year. Our education program begins in September with new children and new groups. In July and August we have a special summer program. Tuition payment begins when the child starts at IPS and continues until they leave.

4. The payments are made at the beginning of every month.

5. There are no extra payments for trips, stationery, or extra-curricular activities.



1. If the annual fee is paid in full in advance or in two payments for the year, the discount announced in June will be applied.

2. Siblings attending during the same year will also receive a discount.

(Please note that pre-paid fee discount cannot be combined with the siblings discount. )

3. Fees are determined in June and vary according to the year that the child started at IPS. In short, old registerees are less effected by the fee increase in comparison to the new registerees.