1. We conduct our new registration meetings by appointment.

2. Our interviews for new registrations are in March and April. New registration begins in June and continues until the groups are full.
We can accept registrations during the year as long as there is a place in our groups or one becomes available. In such cases, you can contact us and get information.
Note: Once parents have decided on registering at IPS we want them to bring their child in for a period not longer than one hour to spend time with us. This enables us to evaluate the child (over 24-26 months) and see their general compatability within the age group and the child's readiness.

3. International Play School is open 12 months a year except the holidays and snow days on the academic calendar published at the beginning of the year. Our education program begins in September after the summer program, with new children and new groups. A transition program of at least 15 days is applied at the beginning of September. In July and August, we apply a different program specific to the summer. Our payments continue from the moment they enter IPS until they leave.

4. The payments are made at the beginning of every month.

5. There are no extra payments for trips, stationery, or extra-curricular activities.
1. If the annual fee is paid in full in advance or in two payments for the year, the discount announced in June will be applied.
2. Siblings attending during the same year will also receive a discount.
Note: Sibling discounts and early payment discounts cannot be combined.
3. When announcing our fees at IPS, we set a schedule based on the year our children started. In this chart, our current parents are less affected by the wage increase compared to our new parents.